Smart Cheli

About Us

Smart Cheli is a social enterprise working to create gender balance in the STEM field. We provide mentorship and steam based workshops for young girls.

We are looking for closing gender gap
in the field of STEM
Our Vision

Women represent only between 5% to 10% of people in the STEM field in Nepal. Through Smart Cheli we are trying to create gender balance in this field by providing STEM based workshops from an early age. We are targeting young girls of age group 10 to 19, through mentorship and STEAM based programs. We have initiated SMART CHELI for a cause which is to decrease the prevailing gender gap in the STEM field in Nepal .Our aim is to enhance critical thinking, cultivating their imaginations and problem solving skills and to get exposure to STEM from an early age.

Smart Cheli is a social enterprise working to create gender balance in the STEM field. We provide mentorship and steam based workshops for young girls.

Meet Our Team

Pratikshya Pandey

Pratiksha Pandey is an Electronics and Communication Engineer. She has been working in this field for four years.Currently, She has been working as a mentor for 1000 girls, 1000 futures program of New York Academy of Science. And also, she has been awarded by Power of Radiance award 2020 for working in the field of girls education.

Sulata Dhakal
Program Director

Sulata Dhakal is a Master’s degree graduate in Structural Engineering from Pokhara University and was honored with Erasmus+ Scholarship for a mobility program. In addition, she is the Program Director of Smart Cheli and loves working with young minds and aspires to contribute towards the future of girls in stem.

Rujen Shrestha

Currently pursuing Bachelor's in Computer Science and Information Technology, I am a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in multimedia. I have been working as a graphic designer for the past few years. I always look forward to learning more and believe in innovation and creativity. Traveling, street photography, and cycling are my activities for recreation.


Smarika Pandey

Smarika is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Development studies, in National College. She is energetic and has an ability to motivate herself to learn new things. Since she is a music enthusiast, she keeps herself busy learning music in her spare time. As an aspiring change maker, she believes that capable people ought to get opportunities no matter what their gender. Engaging in Smart Cheli has brought her confidence to bring out her thoughts to the world regarding girls from STEM backgrounds.


Bidhan Acharya

Bidhan has recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business studies. He is an outgoing person who likes to be engaged in different activities and programs. Being a man himself, he believes women are capable of doing anything and believes that one day there will be a safe and supportive environment for women in STEAM.

Melina Shakya

Melina is currently studying BSc. in Computer Science at Kathmandu University. She is a young adventurous woman who is always open to new challenges in life. "Change begins from within" is what she believes in.With Smart Cheli, she is trying to bring the best out of herself and give the best to her surroundings. Besides building up her dream career, you will also find her cooking, sketching or surfing through the internet.