STEM Mentorship Program


Our STEM Mentorship Program creates an inclusive and supportive environment for young girls to help them start and flourish their STEM journey. We bring together female engineers, professionals, entrepreneurs, STEM leaders and young mentees, to provide experiential learning, skill-based programs for mentees  and networking opportunities for both mentors and mentees.


This is a three months program targeting females of age group 15 to 19, who want to pursue their career in the STEM field. Each mentee will be connected with a mentor based on their academic choices and interests. Each mentee will be facilitated with one-on-one mentoring and be surrounded with a community of integral resources and relatable role models.


Girls from all over Nepal are encouraged to apply. The registration opens up twice, every year in Asadh (July) and Mangsir (December). 


Program Outline

1st module : Guidance on ‘How to start a STEM journey’?

2nd module : Use of STEM tools for learning and communication

3rd module : Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence in learning.


Why to be part of this program? 

  • Connection with an experienced mentor from your preferred STEM field.
  • Connection with like-minded girls who are on the same journey as yours.
  • Solving your queries regarding your STEM journey.
  • Exploration of STEM careers
  • For exposure and access to various other fields of interest.